On the cutting edge

Proplate is an innovator. We love challenges, solving problems and pushing the boundaries. This is how we remain at the forefront. And this is how we continue to create value for our customers – in everything we do. It keeps us on the cutting edge.

We are experts in the cutting and processing of large volumes of both ordinary and alloy steel. This means we can manufacture ready-to-assemble components and deliver them directly into the production chain. In collaboration with our customers, we devise the perfect solution for each particular business.

Inspelning till Discovery Channel

Premiere for Proplate on Discovery Channel's "How Do They Do It?"

Discovery Channel visits Proplate in 6th episode of "How Do They Do It", which airs for the first time on Friday, January 16 in the UK, Ireland and Asia.

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    The world’s leading crane manufacturers entrust their...

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